Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Forgot to mention

This blog is going to be about the experiences I get with running games on this PC.
Here is a list of some games I am currently playing what frames I get on them.

Modern Warefare 1/2: I get about 45-60 FPS on Medium 800x600 res on both games.
Garrys Mod 11: Always above 60 FPS with everything on max and 1280x1024 res
FallOut 3: I get around 45 something FPS with almost Low settings.

the rest of the games are some free to play games that are nor really worth mentioning.


  1. Oh what are the free to play games?

    Also, have you ever heard of Heroes of Newerth?

    If you liked Dota, you'll like HoN

  2. I used to upgrade my computer all the time, but I stopped last year when I blew too much money on a CPU and was poor for ever...

    Good list though, surprised you can play them.

  3. I'll follow this as I have nearly the same specs. so it will help me in deciding what games I should purchase!

  4. Impressive on the machine you have listed!