Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My "gaming" computer

This is the first computer I have ever owned and I bought it for around 550 USD at the time it seemed like a good deal because i had no idea that I could build a way better computer for the same price.Here are the specs.

Athlon 3800+ @ 2.4 Ghz
NVIDIA 8400 gs 256mb ram (overclocked)
1gb 667 ram!!!
160gb HDD
and some cheap 450w power supply someone gave to me.
oh and I removed the DVD drive because it would BSOD every time i used it so now i buy all my games on steam.

and this is what I use to play games even the modern ones.


  1. I bought my current computer back in 2005 I think.

    4200+ x2
    4x512 (Don't remember the speed and I'm too lazy to check. lol.)
    320gb hard drive

    I upgraded it in 2006 with one of the fastest clocked 7600gt's at the time and a nice little power supply. Then I use a 40gb hard drive (Yeah, lol.) to run my OS and programs while I have the 320gb with all media and stuff. It still does the job.

    Who manufactured yours? When you say your video card is overclocked, do you mean you overclocked it yourself or did they overclock it at the factory? I've tried to use programs to overclock my stuff, but my motherboard just won't allow it.